image description TROLLEY10.USB

Trolley case with charger and power strip to house 10 iPad, Mini-iPad, iPad Pro, Surface3, SurfacePro3, MacBook, MacBook Air 11"

  • Internal power strip allows easy plug in for the original chargers or to power the provided 10 USB chargers
  • Shock proof solution, airline proof with integrated wheels
  • Weather resistant

Suitable for 10 x iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Mini iPad, SurfacePro 3, Surface 3, MacBook and Macbook Air 11", Galaxi TabS2...



This trolley case features an internal power strip with additional 10 USB chargers (CE compliant) that provide power to recharge the iPads. When using not USB powered devices, you may simply connect the original power adaptors to the internal power strip.

A choice of power cords is available on request to conform to local power socket standards: the standard USA 3-pole plug for use in the US and Central America, the UK 3-pole standard plug for use in the UK and other Commonwelth countries, and the European (German "Schuko") standard plug, for use in all European countries.

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The body of the case is made in highly resilient plastic resin, designed to provide impact and weather-resistant protection against damage in transit.

Wheels and robust extractable handle are provided to facilitate transportation.

The design also provides added security by concealing the contents of the case.
This case is both durable and relatively lightweight (please see “Technical Specifications” for more details).

To secure the case and its contents, six optional holes are provided for optional padlocks (not included). They will also accommodate standard cable locks.

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Each iPad or tablet is housed in its individual slot and can also be stored with the "smart cover" or optional protective individual case (please see “Technical Specifications” for more information on tablet housing dimensions).

In order to accommodate various devices within the same case, a foam adaptor is included, that allows the secure housing of small, medium and large devices. The model TROLLEY10.USB is the only multi iPads case that allows for the transport and recharging of different makes of USB powered tablets or not USB power devices, simultaneously and in the same case.

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A unique feature of this case is the ability to pull the power cord out from the side of the case so that you can recharge the tablets even when the case is closed and secured.

This feature allows for the safe recharging of the tablets or computers on location (indoors only).

An instruction sheet is provided with every unit to guide you through the proper positioning and connection of the chargers. Additionally, a copy is available for printing in the "Download" section of this website.

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The integrated power strip is positioned in a recessed area of the case to allow for secure and firm connection of the chargers or power adaptors.

The power strip and the provided chargers can operate at 110-230 volts and can therefore be connected to any power outlet in the world.

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The interior of this TABLETSHUTTLE has been designed to facilitate inner air circulation and to prevent possible overheating of the devices during recharge.

Please note that while "closed case recharging" is possible, it is not advisable as not to obstruct dissipation. We recommend recharging be done only indoors at normal room temperature and when the case is not directly exposed to the sun.

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Depending on your country location and electric socket requirement, you can order the case that includes the appropriate power cord:

  • mod. TROLLEY10.USB.US
    includes a US standard power cord.
  • mod. TROLLEY10.USB.EU
    includes a European (German "Schucko") standard power cord.
  • mod. TROLLEY10.USB.UK
    includes a 3-pole UK standard power cord.

Power cords for other country standards are available on request.

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Our products are designed to house and carry digital equipment. No tablets, chargers or other hardware are supplied.

All TABLETSHUTTLEs are covered by a 24-month limited warranty against defects in workmanship and components. As with any form of luggage, the warranty is valid only when the case has not been subjected to abuse by the end user or third party (airport handling, etc.).

No other implicit warranty is given and in no case does the warranty cover the devices that are carried or used within the case.

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This product is available for shipment worldwide from our USA and European warehouses.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. If you have special requirements or for any additional information on our products, please contact us. + + +


Case specs

in mm lb kg
Material Polypropylene
Color Black
Outside dimensions 25 x 18.5 x 11.5 630 x 480 x 300
Weight 25 12
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Tablets area

Devices supported
iPad, mini iPad, iPad Pro
Samsung Galaxy TabS2
Surface Pro3, Surface3
MacBook, MacBook Air11 in.
Maximum dimensions
Step 1
in 12.5 x 7.5 x 0.75

Step 2
in 10.5 x 7.5 x 0.75

Step 3
in 8.25 x 7.5 x 0.75

mm 310 x 190 x 20

mm 260 x 190 x 20

mm 210 x 190 x 20
Minimum length
Step 1
in 11

Step 2
in 9.5

Step 3
in 7.25

mm 280

mm 240

mm 195
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Power Strip and chargers

The model TROLLEY.10 comes with an integrated 10 sockets power strip (CE compliant) and 10 USB chargers.

For non USB powered devices you may use the orginal power supply adaptors that came with your tablet or computer and connect those to the power strip.

Power In Power exit
AC 110-230V~ 16A 10 USB ports,
DC 5V ~ / 2,2A (12 W.)
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Power Cord

We offer various options depending on your country standard:

  • USA socket power cord (Model TROLLEY10.USB.US)
  • European (German "Schucko") socket power cord (Model TROLLEY10.USB.EU)
  • 3-pole UK plug power cord (Model TROLLEY10.USB.UK)

The power cord is removable, similar to one that come supplied with a traditional PC (IEC C13 socket). Power cords for other country standards are available on request.

Please contact us for any additional information or if you have any special requirements.
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